Friday, 1 January 2010


Well here it is New Years Day, and I am writing the inevitable new year post. Bet you can't guess the theme?? It is of course the DIET, the FITNESS and the NEW ME post!!!!!

So how am I going to achieve this, well with regular exercise and eating properly of course. Duh.

My diet for today, crisps and chocolate :) I am nursing the hangover from hell and cannot be arsed to make anything to eat, so its whatever I can grab. But I am sitting here making a plan and thinking about the future.

Life sucks at the moment, but somehow I have to get through the shit and make it to 2011, hopefully fitter and slimmer.


  1. You'll make it chick, just keep that chin up xx

  2. You will do it honey and I will be here for the ride so give me a shout if you need any help