Thursday, 21 January 2010

Bad Week

Haven't posted much this week as I have had a bad bad week. It started on Saturday, had a great weigh in, lost 3lbs, however, went out that evening with Mr C's sister and husband for a curry and a few vino's, well A LOT of vino's. The next day had a toasted cheese sandwich for the hangover, tut tut tut. On Monday it was a friends birthday, so went to another friend's house for a curry and a few more glasses of vino plus some chocolate cake, which I worked out to be 600 calories per slice! OMG!!!!

So this week I have been trying to claw back the calories, I still have 208 to claw back for the weigh in on Saturday. BUT my parents are coming up this weekend so more food and vino. My mid-week weigh-in indicated that I have stayed the same. This is the best I can hope for this week. If I stay the same, I will be pleased. :)

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