Thursday, 21 January 2010

Bad Week

Haven't posted much this week as I have had a bad bad week. It started on Saturday, had a great weigh in, lost 3lbs, however, went out that evening with Mr C's sister and husband for a curry and a few vino's, well A LOT of vino's. The next day had a toasted cheese sandwich for the hangover, tut tut tut. On Monday it was a friends birthday, so went to another friend's house for a curry and a few more glasses of vino plus some chocolate cake, which I worked out to be 600 calories per slice! OMG!!!!

So this week I have been trying to claw back the calories, I still have 208 to claw back for the weigh in on Saturday. BUT my parents are coming up this weekend so more food and vino. My mid-week weigh-in indicated that I have stayed the same. This is the best I can hope for this week. If I stay the same, I will be pleased. :)

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Weigh in

This week, I have lost 3lb, my weight is now 8st 10. Whooo hooo. I am really pleased with this weight loss. I have been really concentrating on recording all my calories, hopefully I will carry this through to the end of the diet. I will be concentrating on my fitness and exercise, then the combination will help maintain this weight loss. I am aware that it is difficult to lose 2-3lb every week. So I will be happy with a 1lb loss next week. :)

Going out for an Indian tonight, will be having a few drinkies too, so no snacks for me today and just soup (no bread) for lunch! Having tandoori chicken as it is a dry dish with no cream or ghee! Have planned to have 2 glasses of wine and 2 vodka's with slimline tonic! Wish me luck! x x

Monday, 11 January 2010

Week 2 Day 2


Just a quick one from me, went over my cals yesterday by 9 and today by 22, so need to keep an eye on things this wee. Haven't been food shopping yet this week which means I am living off what we have an the canteen shop at work. :(


B: Peanut butter on wholemeal bread, coffee
L: Leftover Indian Take Away, which was Tandoori chicken and rice.
D: Roast Beef, roast pots, roast parsnips, carrots and brocolli, glass of wine.

Water: 2 ltrs


B: Brunch bar, didn't get up for breakfast again ;(
L: Roast beef sandwich, on wholemeal bread, snack a jacks (cream cheese and onion).
S: Malteasers, naughty naughty - pshed me over my cals.
D: Pork steak, wholegrain rice, carrots and brocolli.

Water: 2 ltrs.

Will try harder tomorrow.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Week 1 - 1 lb lost

Usually I would be a bit pee'd off with only losing a 1lb but I know know that you need to burn 3500 cals to lose 1lb. That is a lot of cals to sacrifice or to burn through exercise. So I am happy. However, last week I broke myself into the whole diet thing, not weighing everything I ate and I only exercised for 3 times a week. So this week I will be exercising more and being much more strict with myself when it comes to writing everything down and weighing all by pasta/rice/veg's etc.

Woohooo 8st 13! In the 8st bracket again!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Whoa Day 6 - Weigh in on Sat :(

Hello, a late one tonight as I have been to my dance class. Today has been OK, not great on the food front but OK.

Breakfast - Brunch bar and coffee
Lunch - Roast pork and apple sauce sandwich, an apple and salt and vinegar french fries. Water
Dinner - 1 fajita (all I could afford calories wise).

A glass of Port... :(

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

OMG I have made it to day 5!!!!

Yes that is day 5, day 5 of sticking to my calorie allowance and 2 days of exercise. I am going to do EA active again tonight so that makes 3 days of exercise. :) Feeling pleased with myself. I just hope the scales reward me on Saturday.

Diet today:

Breakfast: Wheat malts (45g) with semi-skimmed milk (50mL)
Lunch: Roast pork, apple sauce and salad sandwich (wholemeal bread), raspberry jelly and a braeburn apple.
Dinner: Spaghetti bolognese. (light dolmio sauce)

Drinks: 4 cups of coffee, 2 lts water.

Treats: 1 Thornton's choc. Almost finished all my Xmas chocs.

Exercise: Hoovering (15mins) EA active (30mins)


Yay, we finally got a day of snow. It is coming down thick and fast this morning. Mr Chicken has decided to work from home, so am I. There is no point putting more cars on the road, is there? :)

So this is good news for me as I have had breakfast and will be able to do some exercise as well as do some cleaning today whilst I am ahem, working from home. Will see if I can mange to get some piccies up on here. Haven't managed to figure that one out yet. Hehe. x x