Tuesday, 5 January 2010


As expected we are being bombarded with new 'celeb' diets, I see we have Camilla dallerup doing the GMTV diet. Didn't she have to leave the jungle because she was underweight and couldn't cope with the food rationing? Great role model there ..... please. I also see that Hannah Waterman has dropped 6 dress sizes in 5 months. That sounds like a healthy way to loose weight. I am watching 'My Big Fat Diet' and it is not that bad, it is showing people how many calories there are in everyday food and it is quite an eye opener. They are having 1200 calories a day for two weeks, which sounds OK maybe a bit low if they are exercising too.

My day has gone well, I really need to work on breakfast, I am considering porriage especially in the winter.

Breakfast: Bruch bar and coffee
Lunch: Ham salad sandwich on wholemeal bread, apple and strawberry jelly.
Dinner: Spicy tomato and bacon penne pasta.

Cals: 1079.

Carbs - 53%
Protein - 15%
Fat - 32%

Almost matching the weight loss resources recommended ratio!

I am doing the EA active on the Wii again today!


  1. I loathe this time of year. The market is flooded with fitness dvds from slebs that have lost tons of weight, regardless of how unhealthily they lost it. I recall Natalie Cassidy saying how damn miserable she was when she lost weight as she didn't follow a healthy diet.

    Hannah Waterman looks rough as old boots too since she lost weight - waaaaaaay too thin!

  2. She looks awfull, really old. I don't like her 80's Sam Fox style pictures either, step away from the fale tan lol.

  3. Oh gosh! Everyone's New Year's resolution is to lose weight. The gyms are CROWDED! Great blog, by the way! Follow me, please? :) <33