Monday, 27 July 2009

Day One of Proper Diet :)


I have been absent for a few days as we have had a busy weekend, a couple of hours work on Saturday and then the future parents in law came over on Sunday - means that I haven't posted. Managed to get to Tesco on Saturday, so picked up everything I needed for my diet this week.

Breakfast: Pink Smoothie - juice of two oranges, half a pomegrate and half a banana. (100 kcals)

Lunch: Chicken salad sandwhich, 2 slices wholemeal bread, 1 tomato, 5 slices of cucumber, salad leaves. (300 kcals approx), half a N'kd bar (100 kcals)

Snack: 1 raw carrot (????)

Dinner: Crispy Chicken and homemade calslaw, (300 kcals)

Pudding: 1 Peach, 8 strawberries, 1 bannana and yoghurt (200 kcals)

Drinks; 2 cups of coffee with milk, 4 glasses of water, 1 herbal tea.

Total: 1000 kcals (without drinks)

Exercise: 45 mins of wii 'My fitness Coach'

Any thoughts on diet or exercise, please let me know.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Dude, you need to eat more! 1000 calories is way too low.

  2. EAT MORE!!! loads more. like 1400-1500 + ex cals...

  3. Really? Weight loss resources put me on 1100 a day.

  4. I know I'm late to this but definitely eat more! I set my loss rate on WLR to 1lb or 0.5lb and find I am more successful when eating more - also make sure you log any exercise on WLR and try to eat at least half of what you burn too!