Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Well Helllooo

So my first post.... I guess I should introduce myself and give the reasons for starting this blog. My name is Claire, I am 29 years of age, live with my gorgeous boyfriend (soon to be husband) in a lovely 3 bed house in Loughborough.

I have basically been inspired by some good friends to start this blog to help me keep on top of my new healthier living plan. I have just returned from holiday in France and have seen some snaps of me looking frightful. Nice posture as you can see, those boobies look like sacs :( So I have decided that's it, I need to do something about my wobbly belly, bingo wings and boobs.

So here are the stats:

Height - 5 ft 2

Weight - 9 st 1

Boobs - 36.5'

Arms - 10.5

Smallest part of waist - 30.5

Bellybutton line - 35.5

Hips - 37

thigh - 20

Ideally I would like to get down to 8 st. however as long as I thin out the belly and boobs I will be happy. I really want to look slender for my wedding and beyond, so I need to make a plan that is easy for me to stick to and that I can enjoy. Habits that I have to give up include, missing breakfast, having milky coffee at work, not taking lunch to work and of course the booze. It's not going to be easy but I am hoping this will help to keep me motivated.

Tools I have include; 'My fitness coach' on the wii, I have weights, a ball and some new steps :), 'weightloss resources', my blogging and Lounge friends and my boyfriend. I hope these will be enough to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Bye bye for now x


  1. I look forward to reading more! Good luck!

  2. Look forward to reading more about your diet and fitness quest xx

  3. Oooh helllo! Good luck on your quest, we're all in it together! Jildo x