Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Tick to'ck, tick to'ck...............

The big 30 is looming .... arrrrgggghhhh.


Well after a severe period of absence I have decided to return to my blog spot and resurrect this bad boy. The motivation? Well it's only 52 days till my birthday and I am determined to have shifted at least half a stone by then. This means I am going to have to get tough on my ass and take this thing seriously.

So, I have finally started using weight loss resources properly and am logging all my food and exercise. The only negative thing is, I have been ILL!! Dom, dom, dom!!!!! Which means the exercise has been on hold. I am however, doing fairly well on the food front. I have started their Christmas challenge, which is a great motivational tool. Who knows, I may even be able to stick to this!

Anyway, enough about the diet, how fricken funny was 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' last night? I know it's trash TV but I love it. Tables were flying, ladies were screaming, the claws were out. I was really hoping for some wrestling but sadly no. :)

Wedding plans? Don't even go there, anyone have suggestions for a work shy H2B?? I think I need a rocket.

Now, down to business;

Weight - 8 st 11 (yes I am in the 8 st category, but at the wrong end!)
Height - 5ft 2 (surprisingly this doesn't change)

I will take some measurement this evening and post later.

TTFN, Claire x x x

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